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Flac To Mp 3

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Flac To Mp 3

Convert flac library to other formats in one go.


  • create single flac and cuesheet
    • metaflac --import-cuesheet-from=file.cue file.flac
  • convert and tag from there

Is there a simple way to convert flac tags to cue sheets?

  • Execute in parallel with xargs -P4
  • Doesn't support id3 tags


  • Sufficient
  • No parallel execution

Single flac with cue to multiflac

metaflac --import-cuesheet-from=CDImage.cue CDImage.flac
abcde -d CDImage.flac -o flac:"-6 -V"

Force MusicBrainz? Lookup

Set MusicBrainz? Album Id to the MBID for the release.

eyeD3 --set-user-text-frame="MusicBrainz Album Id":"7488059f-ef2c-3a9c-b747-641a94af7941" test2.mp3

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